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Hello, I’m Anna.

I write about design, fashion, architecture and culture. I live in London and I love finding and writing about brilliant design projects and offbeat experiences across the globe. I’m most passionate about sustainability and the ever-changing relationship between the natural and built environments.

I’m currently a contributor to Colossal and the Content Editor at the Building Centre. I also do freelance writing and have written for a range of outlets including VICE US, Wired UK, MUNCHIES US, The Design Exchange Magazine, Selvedge Magazine,SciArt Magazine,SciArt Center, Zhestkov Studio and The Human Experience Podcast. My work has most recently appeared in Wired UK.

Previously I’ve worked at Shakespeare’s Globe and The Royal Opera House in various education and exhibition-related roles. My experience working in theatre has shaped my perception of design and has influenced my passion for storytelling and interactive experiences. I’ve also written for a number of exhibitions and most recently worked on the exhibition publication for the RISD’s Nature Lab Biodesign exhibition in New York.

I have a BSc in psychology and in 2017, finished my part-time MA in curating contemporary design where I wrote my MA thesis on the changing perceptions of bioart and gained a distinction. You can read my work here. Whilst at University, I also undertook curatorial projects with the Crafts Council and Arts Council.

I’m always thrilled to discuss writing, editing, social media and exhibition-related projects. Please contact me for my rates and please check out some of my articles here.

To contact me, please email anna1vmmarks@gmail.com or DM me on Twitter 👍